Welcome to Le Bookshop!

Located in the historic center of Montpellier, we welcome you to visit our English-specialized bookshop to see our wide collection of English and German books, as well as taste our delicious pastries and drinks on our terrace.

We are open Mondays 1- 7 p.m; and Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

We organize French-English conversation exchanges on Monday and Friday evenings from 5-7 p.m. (No entrance fee, but we ask that you order something from our barista).  We also organize a book club for children on Wednesdays (free but registration is required).

See you soon!

Due to the 'fête du travail' on May 1st and the 'Victoire 1945' on May 8th we'll close the shop on those days. There will be no conversation exchange either on May 1st and May 8th. We'll be open on the Saturdays May 2nd and May 9th as usual from 10am until 7 pm.

Comédie du Livre 2015 - May 29th, 30th and 31st, 2015

From Friday May 29th until Sunday May 31st you can find us at the annual book fair the 'Comédie du Livre' with our stand and our invited authors. For more information take a look here.

The store will be open as usual from 10 am until 7pm on both the Friday May 29th and the Saturday May 30th. On Sunday May 31st the store will be closed, but you can come find our stand on the Esplanade.

Livre du mois

The Surfacing” Cormac James
Dans son deuxième roman, James nous présente un monde strictement masculin à bord d'un navire en 1850, jusqu'à la découverte d'une femme cachée et en plus enceinte. Il est trop tard pour faire demi-tour et donc l'enfant va falloir être né dans l'Arctique.

In his second novel James presents a strictly masculin world on board a ship in 1850, until a stow away pregnant woman is discovered. It's too late to turn back and the child will have to be born in the Arctic.

Prochain Book Club

"I Am Malala" par Malala Yousefzai
Samedi 25 avril à 14h au Bookshop


Activité du mois

Tous les lundis et tous les vendredis de 17h à 19 échanges de conversation - language exchange Fridays and Mondays from 5pm to 7pm

Chaque lundi et vendredi participez aux échanges de conversation anglais-français de 17h à 19h. L'entrée est gratuite mais nous vous demandons de prendre une consommation au bar.

Come and practice your spoken French on Mondays and Fridays. We do not charge for the entrance but we ask you to order a drink at the bar.