Baby Book Club

Learn English together with your baby!

Participate in a lively reading with explanations of English picture books for children (with fun illustrations). This will help you, parents, boost your English or to get started, and your baby will get used to the sound of the English language and learn their first words while having fun and having a good time!

Who: Children from 0-5 years old with parents
When: every Wednesday afternoon from 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm
How: Information and registration at tél. (Olga)
How much: 7 euro (first meeting or subscription)


For now, the Baby Book club is on hold because Olga is having a baby coming soon :)


Conversation Exchange

Every Monday and Friday we host exchanges of English-French conversation 5-7 p.m.  Admission is free, but we ask you to have a drink at the bar.

Cercle littéraire - Book Club

Join the book club! Chaque mois nous lisons tous le même livre pour ensuite se retrouver à la librairie et en discuter en Anglais. Les livres sont choisis par les membres du cercle littéraire et sont lus avant de venir à la réunion. Si vous aimez participer dans une discussion sur des livres en Anglais, et si vous avez envie de découvrir des livres que vous n'auriez peut être pas choisi vous même, envoyez nous un message au et nous vous ajoutons a notre liste mailing spécial book club.

The Activites and Pictures

Lecture with the AWG and André Teissier about the book "Divided Loyalties" written by Janet Teissier Du Cros
In collaboration with Le Bookshop, the American Women’s Group of Languedoc-Roussillon presents « Divided Loyalties » a WWII memoir by Janet Teissier du Cros. In this exceptional book we learn how Janet, a Scotswoman married to a Frenchman, managed her divided loyalties during the war. Her son, André Teissier du Cros, will be there to talk about his memories of the war and his mother. We still have the book available at Le Bookshop.

Introducing Rachel Panckhurst "Home Made" - Presentation of 15 November 2014. Rachel has published a cookbook in self-publishing: Home Made. Recipes from a Kiwi in France, this book is both a life story and a culinary journey. More than 100 recipes from friends, family, colleagues and others. During the presentation she told us her life and she even made two of these recipes

Comedy Book - book fair on the Esplanade (next to the Place de la Comédie) each year in late May / early June. The year 2015 will be the theme of the Iberian Peninsula.

Book of the month

"The Kicking the Bucket List"

by Cathy Hopkins


When Iris finds out that she is dying she is desperate for her daughters- Rose, Dee and Fleur to become close again. She leaves a set of instructions that they must follow to get their inheritance which mean they need to spend 6 weekends together completing a bucket list!

They are resistant to meeting up initially- but Dee is more in need of her inheritance than her sisters and manages to persuade them to meet up and find out what their mum planned for them.


A wonderful book about grief, sisterhood and love.

Next Book Club

April 29th at 2pm

"Bonk : the curious coupling of science and sex" by Mary Roach


Sex can be fun. It is known. Science can be fun. it is also known. So, when Mary Roach a science writter takes an interest in studying sex, it is for sure thrilling. If you've ever wondered why Viagra couldn't help women or pandas, this book is made for you !

Activity of the month


C'est le moment de reprendre votre perfectionnement de l'anglais ! Vous êtes bienvenue aux échanges de conversation lundi et vendredi de 17h à 19h.


Now is the time to continue improving your french skills! You're welcome to join the conversation exchanges Monday and Friday from 5pm to 7pm.